Our Story

..2015: Idea

..2019: Market Research

..2020: Pilot Project

..2021: Growth


WomenSave was born out of the idea that goal-based savings has the power to give women underserved by the formal financial system a real voice and risk-free tool to improve their financial health. 

Our founder, Marie Mintalucci, developed the concept over years of working in international development, first on food security projects across West Africa and then on female-led credit unions throughout Sub Saharan Africa. 
With extensive help and support from Global Partners for Development, an international nonprofit dedicated to community led development in East Africa, WomenSave was able to conduct market research and a pilot project. In 2021, we became our own 501(c)(3) non profit organization in the United States and an international NGO in Uganda. We stand excited and ready to economically empower thousands more underserved women in a meaningful and sustainable manner.

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