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Meet Lydia

47-year-old married mother of 8 | Resident of Kanungu | Banana & coffee farmer

Lydia is saving on a weekly basis toward her goal of buying a goat, as well as for her emergency fund. She learned how to budget and save for a purpose from her Savings Officer, who sends her weekly text reminders to make contributions to both plans. To date, she is 1/3 of the way to her goat. Before becoming a WomenSave client Lydia was a member of a Savings Group. She prefers WomenSave because it empowers her to manage her own savings with mobile money.

“I find WomenSave convenient, secure, and financially liberating.”

(July 2020)


Meet Kellen

60-year-old married mother of 7 | Coffee & banana farmer | With primary school education

One of the very first WomenSave clients to meet a financial goal! In April Kellen starting saving $1.50 per week with her mobile money account. By the end of September, she had saved the full amount necessary for new glass doors and windows in her house, reaching her goal ahead of her November target! Plus she had funded 13% of her individual emergency reserve. Her long-term vision is to install electricity. Her commitment and heart have paid off and inspired her son to start saving too (for a rabbit)!

“You set your plan and save at your own pace, no one forces you to save... only your commitment at heart.”

(October 2020)


Meet Sylvia

40-year-old married mother of 5 | Farmer & casual laborer | With high school education

Sylvia set a goal to save for school fees for her children. Despite some difficulty making contributions to her commitment savings plan due to the Covid-19 lockdown, market closures, and loss of income, she met her goal! By the end of November, she had $28. And importantly, she was able to withdraw money from her individual emergency fund to buy medicine for her son who got sick, without disrupting the achievement of her goal. She likes WomenSave because as she says she has “all the access and control of [her] money.” Her long-term goal is to buy a cow!

(January 2021)


Meet Dorcus

26-year-old married mother of 3 | Resident of Rukungiri | Bean, Millet & Corn Farmer
Dorcus wanted to deliver her baby in a local health clinic. So she and her Savings Officer designed a savings plan, whereby Dorcus deposited roughly 25 cents a week for seven months. She had some difficulty making contributions because she had to stop working (farming) on account of her pregnancy. She also needed to withdraw some savings early to pay for transport to her antenatal visits at the hospital. Nonetheless, Dorcus surpassed her goal and delivered a healthy baby boy at the clinic. Her long-term goal is to build a house!
(April 2021)


Meet Evalyn

39-year-old married mother of 5 | Resident of Kanungu | Dairy Farmer

Evalyn wanted to send her kids to school. So as a pilot project client last year she saved for school fees. She exceeded her target and saved $42 for her goal, as well as $6 for her emergency fund. This year for her second cycle, she is saving for school fees again. Evalyn is already 62% and 60% of the way toward her commitment and emergency goals respectively. We wish her good luck to reach 100%!

My quality of life is better because I always have an emergency fund.

(July 2021)


Meet Shillah

40-year-old single mother | Farmer | Resident of Rukungiri

Shillah became a client almost two years ago, when WomenSave launched its pilot project. During the pandemic, she lost her job and turned to farming. Nonetheless, she has saved nearly $110, met two goals (buying a goat and starting a poultry project – pictured above) and maintained an individual emergency fund. Her long-term plans include building a house and financing her daughter’s education. Her favorite part of WomenSave? Financial literacy training, because it taught her how to plan for what is important and urgent in her life. She thanks WomenSave and its supporters for...

...teaching a woman how she can save for a better future.

(October 2021)


Meet Emily

34-year-old married mother of 1 | Resident of Rukungiri | Farmer

Emily joined WomenSave in 2020 as part of the pilot project. At the time, she kept the money she had at home and relied on buying goods on credit and borrowing from family and friends when necessary. While she had heard of mobile money, she did not have an account. With the support of her Savings Officer, Emily opened a mobile money account, made weekly deposits and met her first goal to buy a goat. In 2021, she set a new goal to pay school fees for her son, and met it! In addition, she has an individual emergency fund worth nearly 20% of her monthly expenses, reportedly the most significant change in her life. She extends her gratitude to WomenSave for:

training, advising and empowering us to improve our standards of living.

(January 2022)


Meet Melani

44-year-old single mother of 2 | Resident of Karukara

Melani is from the remote village of Karukara in southwestern Uganda. She sells vegetables to earn a living but sometimes struggles to make ends meet. As a result, Melani sometimes finds it hard to save. So she deposits $0.25 on a daily basis toward her goal of paying school fees for her children. Thanks to her dedication, she met her goal last year and is well on her way to doing it again this year. Congratulations, Melani!
(April 2022)


Meet Annah

40-year-old married mother of 7 | Resident of Kanungu | Banana & Coffee Farmer

Annah is a resident of Kanungu and member of Itembezo Women’s Group. She is illiterate and lives on < $2 a day, but that does not stop her from meeting important financial goals with the support of WomenSave. Since she joined the program in 2020, she started making bricks (pictured above), traditionally a male dominated business, to earn money to save. With her savings she has purchased two goats and saved over 1/3 the value of her monthly expenses for her personal emergency fund. Her long-term goal is to build a house. We wish her success!
(July 2022)


Meet Harriet

22-year-old single woman | Tailor | Resident of Kanungu

Harriet joined WomenSave as part of the pilot project in 2020, has already met three financial goals and maintains an emergency fund valued at nearly ¼ her average monthly expenses. She has a tailoring business that she has invested in with additional sewing machines and stock to prepare for the Christmas season. While it has not been easy to save because of economic hardship, financial literacy sparked a passion that keeps her going, as does her newfound trust in mobile money. In her own words, Harriet says that...

...WomenSave has helped me to discover my potential... I have been able to rescue myself from emergency situations and… boost my business. This has made me an amazingly happy client!

(October 2022)


Meet Annet

50-year-old married mother of 7 | Resident of Kanungu | Tea Farmer

Annet joined WomenSave as part of the pilot project in 2020. Over the last three years she set personal financial goals to buy a mattress, as well as cement and brinks to build a house. And she met them all! With her savings plans and deposit reminders. In addition, she has saved 26% of her average monthly budget in an individual emergency fund, which she uses to buy food when necessary. In December, Annet graduated from the program, which she reports gave her the confidence to manage her finances and "very much improved [her] quality of life."
(January 2023)


Meet Confidence

32 years old | Mother | Farmer | Resident of Kanungu

In her first year, Confidence started saving for a solar lamp but her child got sick. In the past she would have taken out an expensive loan and gone into debt to finance her treatment. Thankfully because of WomenSave she had savings in the bank and was able to use that money instead. The next year, she set a new goal to buy a goat, which she successfully met and then it produced two more! Now in year three, Confidence is the Peer Mentor of Kishenyi Women's Group. This means that she volunteers to advise other members how to save toward their financial goals and will continue to do so after they all graduate from WomenSave at the end of the year, providing a sustainable source of support. What does Confidence like best about WomenSave?

It is confidential, flexible and personalized.Plus it helped me develop my leadership skills!

(July 2023)


Meet Phionah

32-year-old married mother of 3 | Resident of Rukungiri | Farmer

She became a client of WomenSave in 2021 and since then has identified and met a number of financial goals, including buying a mattress and a couch - featured above! In addition, she inspired her husband to start saving too, and together they have purchased multiple goats to increase their household assets. In 2023, Phionah was selected as the Peer Mentor of her group. This means that she volunteers to advise other women how to use mobile banking and save toward their financial goals. She will continue to do so after they graduate from WomenSave at the end of the year, providing sustainable support. Congratulations Phionah! And thank you for everything that you do for your family and for your group!
(October 2023)


Meet Susan

27 years old | Small Business Owner | Resident of Kanungu

Susan has a college degree from a local university, but due to high levels of unemployment, she was unable to secure formal work upon graduation. So she decided to start a small business! While she did not have access to capital, she was able to join WomenSave, attend financial literacy training and meet with a Savings Officer for individual financial advisory services. She set a goal to open her own retail shop and designed an associated commitment savings plan. She started depositing some of her earnings from agriculture and tutoring in her mobile money account and last month she managed to open her shop (featured above) and achieve her financial dream. She is grateful to WomenSave for improving her financial health. As she says...

WomenSave has been a lifeline to my economic redemption.

(April 2024)

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